Climate change is a question, which has been discussed and criticized by people these recent years. And it is intimately related to everyone’s daily life, from the food we eat to the product we buy. However there are still some people who haven't realized the severity of the climate change situation and the treat it has brought to us if we still ignore it. The impact of celebrity endorsement on sales or propaganda has increased day by day in the meantime. So if we combine the celebrity culture within climate change, the celebrity effects could let people pay more attention to the social issues like climate change.


Let's see how do celebrities act as an important role to help make climate change issue more accessible and relevant to us and really increase the pulic concerns within climate change?


  • Leonardo DiCaprio -- The 11th Hour (2007)















The 11th Hour is a documentary film which is directed, produced and narrated by the famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, in 2007. The film is about the humanity and the world, and it documents the recent life system's problems, such as the global warming, the deforestation, the mass species extinction, and the depletion of the oceans' habitats. People are aggressively pursuing for their own benefits which they can get from the natural resources these days. And the population is growing exponentially which also leads the lack of the natural resources. However, people do not aware of what they have done to the ecosystem. This documentary has interviewed many famous people in different fields, and wants them to influence the society to face the severity of the climate change issue.



  • Natalie Portman -- Te Casan "Vegan Shoe"
















Natalie Protman, a Harvard educated famous actress, is a well-known strict vegetarian. She does not even buy any furs or any other animal related products. In this short interview of her, she mentions herself that she also finds the shoes fomr the brands Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo or Salvatore Ferragamo are really charming but none of them is animal-friendly product. She says that it is hard to find pure animal-friendly products, so she collaborates with Te Casan, ans she has designed her own branch under Te Casan, which is called "The Natalie Portman Collection" and all the shoes are "vegan shoe" which are completely amimal-free even for the soles of the shoes are made of plastics as well. And she claims that all the money she gets from the shoes will go to animal charities and environmental charities to help changing the situation of the climate change issue.


  • Conservation International -- "Nature is Speaking"


Conservation International (CI) is a non-profit environmental organization which was founded in 1987 in Arlinton, Vriginia, U.S. It focuses on some environmental issues like the climate change, freshwater, health and food security, etc. 


In 2014, CI produced a sereis of public servie of short videos, which is called Nature is Speaking. It uses the voices of first person of different natural elements from the Motherland to the Ocean. Nature is Speaking acts like the nature could actually talk, so it uses the voices of the nature to advocate people being aware of what serious problems the nature has been facing and encourage people to love and protect our nature. The series has attracted many of the famous names in Hollywood to dub for its videos. Julia Roberts as the voice of the Mother Nature, Ian Somerhalder as the Coral Reef...
















The seires has already been knwon by many of other countries as well. In 2015 China has introduced this series as well, and also invited lots of the famous actors or film producers to dub for them. This series is still serialized there. And it is effective.


  • Bill Gates -- "Gatesnotes"

"Gatesnots" is a blog arranged by Bill Gates, who is one of the world's famous business magnates from America. A few years ago, he has visited many countries like India and Africa with his wife Melinda and he has realized that climate change is really affecting the people all around the world, especially these countries. 


















  • Other Celebrities -- Being Vegeterians

There are lots of people do not know why being vegeterians is related to the climate change. Celebrities, however, join the group of celebrity activists who announce that eating less meat is good for our environment. They uses their own ways to influence and encourage people to be vegeterians.
















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